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Certificate in Accounting Packages - Quickbooks by INtuit

This Certification will be a crown in your career as an Accountant. This is a course crafted for anyone who wishes to learn Automated Accounting system and become the most sought after talent in the Accounting talent pool. Come and enroll for this turnaround in your life at Greenbridge

Certificate in Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate is the World's Best Authoring and e-learning development tool. This is a must skill for every Human Resource Officer, Sales & Marketing professionals, students, scholars, lecturers and Professors to make creative and winning presentations.

Certificate in Advanced Multimedia

This course is a MUST for you if you are a Creative Professional or an aspirant to be one as you will lay hands on the World's most powerful Video and Audio Editing tools on APPLE MACINTOSH

Certificate in ANDROID apps Development

This course will provide you with the World's leading OS for the handheld devices. ANDROID is a Open Source OS that gives the developer the power to create, innovate and recreate apps that leads the world into a higher order of Human Existence.. Come and Join this great episode to create a radical change in the way world uses its communication device.

Certificate in AUTOCAD, REVIT, ArchiCAD, SolidWORKS

Greenbridge is offering worldclass training on CADD application software through its "Engineering innovation division" GB CAD Academy.

Certificate in Basic Computing


Certificate in Cloud Computing

CLOUD is now ubiquitous and this course will provide you with a top notch skill in the world of IT. As CLOUD is the future of IT and with IoT (Internet of Things) you cant afford to miss this great training offered at GREENBRIDGE.

Certificate in Data Analytics using MS EXCEL

This course teaches the concepts and mathematical methods behind the most powerful and universal metrics used by Data Scientists which is the nerve in the "Decision support system" this is done using MS EXCEL

Certificate in DATA processing, Analysis and Presentation using MS EXCEL

Data processing is manipulation of data by computer and Data analysis involves identifying, processing and modelling data with the sole purpose of extracting factors that aids in decision making. If you are wiling to build a career as a Data analyzer or processor afford not to miss to enroll for this epic certification at Greenbridge.

Certificate in Information System Audit for Auditors

This course will empower you with a unique skill to collect and evaluate evidence to determine if a computer system is configured to safeguard the invaluable data, soft assets and data integrity, assess IT risks and evaluate porous elements in the system to build and maintain a robust and trusted system for effective governance/ profitability.

Certificate in JAVA Programming

Equip yourself as claimed by sun "Write once, run anywhere" a run that would take you to heights of your career that would transform that way you live and even your family. Java Technology powers the world on many aspects. Come and join this race at Greenbridge.

Certificate in LINUX Administration


Certificate in MIT app Inventor

Even a Child of 7 - 11 years could develop ANDROID apps, Greenbridge guarantees that this unique course with a result oriented curriculum by MIT equips even as a child to develop Android apps. Enroll now for this guaranteed course at Greenbridge.

Certificate in Multimedia

If you are seeking a course that would empower you with skills of employ-ability and entrepreneurial bliss, then this is the course for you. We equip you will power skills on the BIG THREE from ADOBE, Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. Enroll today for this life pronouncing course only at Greenbridge

Certificate in Records Management using MS ACESS

If you are a Secretary, Personal assistants to top executives, Administrators, Entrepreneurs and a regular user of computer for daily tasks and the job then this course is a must to improve your efficiency and effectiveness in your performance and make a difference at the workplace and drool over it. Come to Greenbridge and enroll for this course.

Certificate in Wireless Networking

In this wirefree world it is a must that every IT professional must be in possession of this mandatory skill as even the handheld devices are given provision for wireless charging and with the IoT around corner that is set to revolutionize the world you must not fail to enroll into this course at Greenbridge.

HR Coach

HR Coach is a product of Greenbridge Consultants, We offer customised and Contemporary HR Training for Corporates, Institutions and Parastatals through trusted and tried content delivered by Highly competent Consultants.

iOS App Development

iOS App Development

IT PRODUCT: Online Certificate Verification System

Greenbridge launched a Novel IT product in 2017 to assist Educational Institutions to prevent Forgery of Certificates and Transcripts. Digitizing every Certificate and Transcript using a unique Student code and by a QR Code that can be scanned to verify the veracity and authenticity of the Certificates. This web application gives a one stop solution to stop forgery as the digitized certificates & Transcripts will be available for download and also integrated on Android app platform. The application is 100% customized to the needs of the University, Tertiary Institution, BTVET or Other Degree Awarding Institution. Even when a Original certificate is scanned or photocopied its Authenticity is preserved

Professional Training on CISSP

Certified Information System Security is the most globally recognized certification in the Information system security market. CISSP is considered the GOLD standard credential that assures information security leaders posses the industry required standards of skills, Knowledge and Power. Explore this stupendous training with Greenbridge.

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Return on Investment on Training

A Unique training for the HR Managers/ Business Leaders to have the Best out of their team. To get the Cost - Benefit analysis To understand how to train and what to train and whom to train to get the maximum business productivity.
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