Basic & Advanced Computer Programming Training Courses in Kampala, Uganda
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1 Q: I am new to computers - can I learn computing?
Anyone with a genuine interest to learn computers can learn! In today's context computers have become a necessity and inevitable. At Greenbridge we make computing EASY! FUN! and ADDICTIVE!
2 Q: When are your intakes?
Greenbridge registers/admits candidates throughout the year but the batches are allocated every month on all our flagship courses. - call + 256 414 535 777 or +256 414 531 666 or send an enquiry here!
3 Q: How do I know what I should learn on computing?
We have an excellent "needs assessment" session with every aspirant to learn Computers. Our Admission Officer is qualified to discover your basic and professional needs to guide you with the best option for you to learn in the world of computers.
4 Q: I know many computer centers around - how different is Greenbridge?
Greenbridge is unique and is totally different from other IT / computer centers you may know either in Uganda or elsewhere: We are the one and only, leader and pioneer in Open Technologies

 Greenbridge is the first APPLE, training and certification center in the whole of East Africa.
5 Q: What is Open Technologies?
While most of the training you might have seen offered are VENDOR based. You and the industry will be limited in terms of scope and knowledge with this trajectory of learning. Open technologies / Open source gives everyone the liberty to innovate, grow and fathom unscalable heights interms of knowledge and revenue!

Case in point: 
Majority of the IT exports during the year 2012 was on open source technologies. "A lot of software innovation today is being driven by organizations that aren't in the business of selling software, which means that a great deal of it is open source," says Redmonk analyst Stephen O'Grady. - PC WORLD.

Open Source software are Open for any individual, group or a company to customize the way they want and take the development to the next level.
6 Q: I know APPLE iMacs are the most sophisticated machines- can I take training on APPLE certification?

APPLE computers are the most sophisticated machines! We have different class of training from the Mountain lion MacOS to the iLife package that is aimed at CREATIVE professionals and CODING professionals.
All our training are aimed to obtain certification directly by APPLE.
7 Q: Will I be trained on an APPLE iMac?

As per the regulatory norms of APPLE the trainee, Mac ratio must be 1:1 - Greenbridge is the FIRST and the ONLY Institution with an all iMac lab that is the most sophisticated and advanced worldclass facility as stipulated by APPLE Inc.,

It is interesting to note that, the so called computers/ desktops you might have seen in most IT institutions or Computer centers are called IBM PC clones and not the real computers! APPLE iMacs and IBM Machines are the REAL computers. You are free to visit us and lay hands on the World's most advanced computing machines.

Call + 256 414 535 777 / + 256 414 531 666 and arrange for a demo!!
8 Q: What is the legal status of Greenbridge in Uganda?
Greenbridge: School of Open Technologies is a subsidiary of Greenbridge holdings, Dubai. 

Greenbridge in Uganda is a Registerd Company and is directly licensed by the Ministry of Education, Republic of Uganda and is scheduled to offer professional certification from around the world and customized certificate programs crafted locally catering to industry needs to promote ITPreneurship and employable skills in IT Industry.
9 Q: Who is the Awarding body?
All Certificates are awarded by Greenbrige Uganda! Which is licensed by the Ministry of Education, Republic of Uganda. 

Besides, every candidate is encouraged to take up the international certification organized by the respective certifying international bodies.
10 Q: What is the duration of your courses?
Greenbridge offers only short term professional courses ranging from 4 weeks to 16 weeks only.
11 Q: Will I get reading materials?

All candidates who register with Greenbridge are entitled for a bundle of soft copies of relevant text books and Reference Books. They may choose to get it embedded on an android tablet or an Apple iPad as well as advised by the admission office.
12 Q: How will I be qualified to get certified?
You must appear for a paper based test at Greenbridge along with the required project to be eligible for Certification by Greenbridge.

For the Actual certification by the respective providers, one must take up an online test either through pro metric or vue Thomson testing centers. 
13 Q: What are the timings of classes?
Greenbridge has scheduled batches through the day and twice a week for a specific batch. Timings are friendly for working professionals and students as well.
14 Q: I have small kids - do you have courses for them?
Greenbridge has a unique curriculum for the kids that would enhance their computing skills, logical reasoning, mathematical skills, improve concentration and problem solving techniques.

15 Q: Do you have programs for kids during Holidays?
Greenbridge has Holiday programs for children of all ages   - 8 yrs - 18 yrs.
16 Q: Since your courses are unique and rare: are they affordable?
Greenbridge's ultimate GOAL is to make Uganda the Silicon Valley of Africa and to realize this objective we had made the fee structure pocket friendly and very much affordable.
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